How to Increase Field Sales by 2x using Sales Force Automation

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by Santosh Hegde on 27 Sep Thursday

Field Sales

In this dynamic economy, increasing field sales is difficult, especially for the FMCG companies. Achieving an increase by 2x seems like an unrealistic dream. The struggle of even meeting your monthly sales target is hard. Imagine if you could achieve these targets with minimal efforts put it?

With Sales Force Automation technology you can do just that.

Let us take an example of a mosquito coil company named Mosquito Killer(MK) and see how can SFA boost its secondary sales beyond its manager’s expectations –

1. Sales planning and Daily monitoring

With SFA MK’s manager can effectively chart out the monthly plan and also set targets accordingly.

From the number of calls made to narrowing down to the areas with the best sales, the manager can monitor everything. He can also focus on priority products and keep a track of his targets at each step.

This will not only help him in monitoring his present sales strategy, but also help a lot in formulating all the future strategies so that he can extract maximum profit with minimum effort.

2. Empowering and motivating Sales Executives

MK’s manager applied Sales Force Automation in his secondary sales system which made streamlined and structured all of his and his executives sales calls. More the structured call process, less the confusion and hence more productivity.Sales Force Automation also helped the manager to know the individual performance of his executives and based on that he could appreciate the deserving executive with rewards and promotions. Making his executives happier and passionate to do their best!

3. Increasing Coverage Area
With the help of Sales Force Automation, MK’s manager analysed the present sales area to understand which areas need less visitation time and which new areas can be tapped on to channelize the time in hand. He also knew the areas where the demand for his coils where high.

Having this entire process automated, saved a lot of time in back-and-forth communication and the time was channelized into researching and exploring newer markets and strategies.

4. Classifying and segmenting the outlets
With the data captured by the Sales Force Automation app, MK’s manager started classifying and segmenting the outlets according to the revenue that the outlets were making.

This data helped him in formulating different strategies. For example, outlet A generates more revenue when compared to outlet B. Therefore, the manager will assign more weekly visiting calls to outlet A rather than outlet B.

5. Improving the Product Visibility

With SFA he can now concentrate more on how to increase the revenue from the present outlets through product visibility.

He knew that, if his shelf visibility is not upto the mark then the end consumer will not be able to see their products and will choose their competitor’s product by default.  

But with the Sales Force Automation app, all his executives can easily capture and send the shelf pictures of their product shelf managers, making it easy to track and record.

Now he can easily do the shelf analysis and give proper instructions to his executives about how the company’s products should be placed.

Integrating Sales Force Automation to your business will help you get detailed insights on what’s going well and what is not. It saves a lot of time for strategizing and coming up with a new plan. It also automates the employee monitoring process to give accurate results.

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