What is Sales Diary?

Sales Diary is built with the fundamental objective of becoming a “sales growth platform” in the FMCG industry.

With FMCG growing at over 25% CAGR by 2020 in India, the need for right management tools to maximise from such a growth opportunity becomes critical and Sales Diary is here to solve that.


Our mission

Why did we build Salesdiary

Salesdiary is built exclusively to improve secondary sales effectiveness purely integrated into the process defined in Sales Diary system.

We want to enable the sales vertical of the organization to maximise their sales through the effective communication and performance tracking within the app across hierarchical responsibilities

Values and Philosophies of Sales Diary

We are the believers of a more integrated system bringing the relevant stakeholders in the sales vertical of the organization closer than ever. This allows the synergy to best be utilised in effective planning, decision making and execution with minimum turn-around time through real time tracking of activities. Such system enables a more transparent and trustworthy work culture across the organizational hierarchy.

Team behind Salesdiary

The founder and the team understands the pain-points of the industry and therefore, can be claimed to know the best solutions.

Santosh Hegde
Santosh Hegde

Founder and CEO

Arjun Ranga
Arjun Ranga