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  • Smart Suggestion Tools
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  • Real-time updates on Sales Activities
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The solution for all kinds of sales channels.

Secondary Sales

Track and manage all your secondary sales activities at ease, classify outlets and customize prizes and schemes on the basis of business potential.

Primary Sales

Manage your orders, stock, delivery, and payment and track your monthly targets real-time.

Modern Trade

Manage expense and payments, track stock in outlets and warehouse real-time, analyze team activities in every outlet and even stay up-to-date on market trends.

Van Sales

Optimize van routes, plan visits, generate EOD summary, manage expenses and payments and track all delivery vehicles to better understand the outlet coverage.

Retailer/Dealer App

Automatically generate orders from retailers, device sales plans and schemes, grow your products with digital catalogs and much more.

AI-driven Route Management

Geo-Fencing and Deviation Tracking

Stock and Order Management

On-Spot Billing

Custom Schemes and Pricing for Outlets

Competition Analysis