EzRetail – A self-ordering app for Retailers to directly purchase from Manufacturers

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by Arvind on 29 Apr Wednesday


When the need is – #StayHome StaySafe  #SocialDistancing,
the business of doing Business is undergoing an innovative change, especially in the FMCG / CPG space.


Lockdown undertaken to fight the dreaded Covid-19 is influencing people to hoard essential items. As consumption has not stopped in these trying times, brands are finding ways to do business within the lockdown lakshmanrekha.
Because any business which wants to keep sailing, needs to ride the tide, be it high or low.
And the best way to ride the tide is by understanding consumer behaviour.
Interestingly, in just a fortnight, consumption patterns seem to have changed. Consumption of Grocery essentials such as atta, rice, pulses, oil, ghee, personal hygiene items, laundry products, hand sanitizers, salty snacks have increased post lockdown.


Shift of consumer behaviour post Lockdown

Nielsen’s research on FMCG has revealed that ‘Retailers were facing severe constraints of stock replenishment as company salesperson visits were severely hit’, because salesperson’s visits to retailers dropped from 10-12 per week to 2 per week.


Resulting in the domino effect:

This was especially true for products such as hand sanitisers, salty snacks, ready-to-eat items etc.


When the situation warrants making decisions dynamically, when essential products are getting out of stock, a retailer would not like to wait for the visit/salesman’s call to place an Order.


Therefore, empowering Brands and Retailers to ride this tide by enabling Retailers transact directly with Brands is – EzRetail.
An AI based Retailer App by Appobile which allows Retailers to place their orders(and more) directly with the brand.


EzRetail – Positives for Retailers post Covid-19


There are close to 13 Million Retailers in the country. Roughly less than 12% of Key Retailers fuel
close to 2/3rds of FMCG sales. Hence this is a long term solution catering to the change in business dynamics + increasing market share for future growth.

COVID-19’s ease of spread has made every consumer conscious and aware of not only their safety but also that of the supplier’s. Therefore as a preventive call, neither the brand nor the retailer is at ease to let any salesperson visit.
Such contactless calls are leading to many retail stores potentially facing stockout situations in fast moving products/categories. Breaking this contactless chain is where EzRetail’s power of self-ordering comes in handy for brands to avoid stockouts.


Our analysis of Consumption vs Demand trend has shown that an asymmetrical demand due to Panic buying is a perfect recipe for product stockouts.
Junta Curfew is a good example of a trigger for Panic buying. Once Covid-19 passes, otherwise usual triggers for such asymmetrical demands are festivals, price changes, shortages, schemes & discounts offered.
During such demand highs, salesman’s visit frequency determines the speed of stockout.


Hence EzRetail is designed to cover above use-cases and provide fast, accurate, real time data with analytics to prevent stockouts and maintain stock levels without the Salesman’s involvement.



This B2B shopping app can be easily installed by retailers. App’s simple and intuitive design helps navigating brand’s products as per its categories.

Retailer selects the preferred SKUs -> adds to their shopping carts and -> pays via UPI.

App’s interface works similar to any of the e-commerce apps. Real time Order Status, Easy order cancellation, Order history are some of the features of the app. Retailers also get updates via email notifications or can download as Excel.








Brands can customize the app to meet dynamics of business.
Example: if a particular SKU is out of stock/production, it can be disabled from the product listing.
Adapting to the need of the hour paves the way forward for Brands to not only make every salesman visit count but also to visit-less yet business-more.


the easiest and the smartest way for any Brand that wishes to maintain
its no distance, social distance or long distance relationship because – Distance has got nothing to do with closeness.